Dan Schlue

Dan is a U.S. patent attorney that practices in all aspects of domestic and foreign intellectual property. Dan has extensive experience in both domestic and foreign patent and trademark prosecution as well as registration of copyrights. While primarily handling U.S. patent, copyright, and trademark matters, he also works regularly with foreign lawyers to prepare foreign prosecution arguments and strategies in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Rim. Beyond that, Dan is experienced with both enforcing and defending intellectual-property rights in U.S. District Courts and at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Dan has experience with the following types of technologies: all aspects of polymer chemistry; organic compounds and synthesis; lubrication, anti-wear, and extreme-pressure additives; diabetic treatments using an implantable device(s), multi-layer composite materials; fashion apparel; cementitious compositions; polymerization methods; green recycling technologies and renewable energies; paper science; aerospace (high altitude airships); photo-voltaic and thermocouple power generation; flame retardants; automotive-tire constructions and methods; pharmaceuticals; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); software and computer-readable algorithms; thermal-insulation materials; heating and thermal radiation; automated teller machines (ATM); materials science; petroleum-related storage and cleaning; commercial and residential building materials; roofing devices and coverings; sealant-delivery devices and methods; packaging materials; shipping materials and logistics; carwash systems and methods; lidar, radar, and sonar visibility devices; electro-spinning; automotive design and engineering; and mechanical devices and methods.

Dan also has significant experience with advising clients on how to strategically build and manage intellectual-property portfolios while assisting in the valuation of those portfolios. Purposes include: increasing the value of a company before an upcoming sale or merger; equipping clients with the ability to prevent a third-party from practicing or using the subject intellectual property; creating one-way licensing platforms upon which revenue streams can be established with interested third parties, and creating the possibility of cross-licensing agreements with interested third parties.


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